Hi I’m Tyler – and I want to be your voice!

Born and raised in “if you find it you’re lost” Owensville, Missouri, I traveling to nearly every corner of the United States with my work in video games and the US Air Force. After separating, I knew what I wanted to do and trained as an voice actor under Global Voice Acting Academy’s many excellent teachers to include David Rosenthal, Brian Sommer, Eliza Simpson, and more, and trained in performance capture with Victoria Atkin and Roger Clark in my pursuit of being the best voice actor for video games, animation, and commercial as I can be. Much of my free time is spent writing fantastic stories filled with rich, believable, characters and then breathing life into them with unique voices and personalities. When I debut something I created and it gets an audible gasp, horrified shiver, or declaration of love from an audience I go to bed happy but always eager to do it all over again.

I built my own home studio from scratch, seeking advice and input from industry leading sound technicians and am proud of my little -60 db work room that I can jump into at a moment’s notice. It’s in that booth I’ve recorded a wide range of characters, like all of the original creations in my character demo below, my corporate voices for Ofinno, commercial characters, and all of my little extras on my range page. There’s little else I love more than being in the booth, headphones on, with a great piece of copy in front of me and the happy voice of a client in my ear. If you’re interested in me joining your project, head over to my contact page and let’s get talking!

Character Demo

Commercial Demo